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When was the last time you wanted to run outside and SCREAM....WHAT ABOUT ME!!!! 
When was the last time you took time for YOU?  When was the last time you were PHOTOGRAPHED?  When was the last time you were PAMPERED?  you men too?... When was the last time you could do all these things and have a lasting memory to cherish?.....With all the titles we have in our lives, we lose our OWN identity, time goes by and we then regret that over the years, regardless of our age, there is always a voice that said WHAT ABOUT ME!!  I COUNT TOO! These photo session are the ANSWER!    I don't want to just take your picture,  
I want to capture your true SPIRIT and SOUL.    I would be honored to do so!

LEt's PREpare for your session

Your experience with me starts with a pre-consultation. It can be a simple virtual meeting, or phone call. At that time, I want to get to know a little about you! Your story! Your style. Your taste. This is an uplifting experience as we go through this process.  we can discuss where to shoot, wardrobe choices, your fashion style, hair and make-up, anything else you may think will be important or make your session special.


Hair and make up is an essential part of the session. 
We have a hair and make-up artist available or you can bring someone you choose OR we can assist with the instruction of application of your own makeup. It can be light, airy and natural OR deep, dark and mysterious. Men can create a clean-shaven to a scruffy outdoor look. 

your session

This is the fun!!!  You don't have to worry about a thing!  Just follow my lead and the results will be fabulous! Together we will capture the true essence of you! .. The person beyond the wife, mom, sister, caretaker, dad, brother, you get the idea!

Your PORTRAIT Experience 

After your session, we will meet to review your images and look at which products will best suit you and display your favorite images. Each type of session is handled in slightly different ways, but generally this step is done in-person OR for now, via virtual meeting so you don't have to leave the comfort of your home. You have the options to create your own collection.  

images and products

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It’s simple. The Torre Studios was founded with LOVE!
“Growing up in the photography industry, I learned at an early age how important photographs are to people. I now know that life is fleeting, things change everyday and our memories are what we dearly hold on to. I also know that these memories mean love, the love that we share with the special people in our lives. I can’t think of a better way to share this love than through my photography.
– Andrea

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