Types of Sessions and pricing



These sessions are near and dear to my heart.  I love taking everyday people and photographing them in this style.  The work you put into your everyday life is hard. This is a freeing portrait session. I love it and find it inspirational for especially women to show the side of them that is feminine and still attractive.  After we have raised our families, we still have a voice, we are more than a wife, mother, daughter, and sometimes we neglect that we are still women deep down inside.  Men need this just as much. They too need to be reminded that they are people too, not just the titles of Father, Worker, Son.  I want to make people feel Special and Important in their own right. 

Single Session without Make up up to 4 subjects  $250

Hair and Makeup add additional $150 per person


Babies are the best!  The fun of photographing their developing personalities is precious.           
The first year of life babies change so quickly, it is truly amazing and a miracle!
The best ages for photographing babies are:
Three to Six months: when they are sitting up on their own – lots of smiles!
One year: best at 11-12 months when they are just standing up and starting to explore everything!
Our Watch Me Grow Plan records the first and second year in beautiful detail, marking every wonderful milestone and the growth that takes place.

Watch Me Grow Plan sessions take place in our studio. We keep things simple, to keep the focus on your little one and their unique personality. If you are planning to do more than one session during the year, your best option is to join our Watch Me Grow Plan. Our members receive two sessions in the first year and a complimentary family session in year two.

Single Session $125

Watch Me Grow Plan $295


Capturing your child's continued growth is another of our favorites to photograph.
These sessions are warming to your heart. There is nothing better than capturing the spirit of your child and remembering what is was like to see the world through the eyes of a child, YOUR child. 
We can combine black and white and color portraiture to capture these priceless sessions
They are perfect for kids ages 3-10.

 Album products are a  perfect way to display this session's spirit, and an ideal way to remember all the "little" unique things that characterize your child's qualities.

Individual Child $125
Sibling session 2-5 children $175

Family is so important to me. Family is Everything. These family portraits are cherished because they capture everything you live for and remembers those who are missed when they are gone. These portraits will remain in your family for generations.
Indoors or outdoors, these sessions are exciting, and spontaneous.  Don't forget that your pets are also part of you family and they are included.  Albums and wall series are great ways to display these memories in your home.


Family up to 5 subjects  $125
each additional 5 subjects add $50