The Torre Studios | Burlington, NJ

The Experience

Our journey begins with a pre-session planning consultation. This is the time where we get to know your family and what the design of your portrait may be, and you get to know us. The creative process allows you to choose either our studio or another location. Maybe it’s your favorite park or some place that has a special meaning to your family. We will also discuss clothing options. You may want a very formal look or you may want something more playful. We will then schedule the session. The time of day will play an important role if an outside session is decided upon. It is also at this session we begin planning how you will display the artwork and the investment that you will be making. Prior to your planning appointment, look around your home and see where you would like to display your portrait. Most portrait sessions last 60-90 minutes.

There are many ways to display your artwork. Everything is presented archivally framed. You have complete control in the choices made regarding portrait selection and framing. We also customize packages to suit your needs. We want to fit your style and taste…. But most of all, we want you to have fun and enjoy!

Owning a Torre Portrait, you know the expertise, time, effort, pride and love that goes into creating each art piece. It will truly be a cherished possession.

The Experience photo